A community with an unbeatable combination of historic small-town atmosphere and community minded approach. The riverfront boardwalk, historic downtown and homes, and friendly citizens give Allegan its small town ambiance. Truly, Allegan is a great place to call home or visit.

Allegan Riverfront
Downtown Allegan
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Downtown Allegan
July 3 Jubilee

City News

The City has provided a new meeting calendar for you on the website to keep you up to speed on meetings that impact Allegan. Just click the "Attend a Meeting" icon to the left, and it will provide you the upcoming meetings. Further, we post the minutes and agendas of the meeting under the "Government" section of the website on the tab at the top of the page. This not only includes City Council information, but the Boards, Committees, and Commissions that support the mission of providing outstanding services to Allegan. If you are interested in joining a Board, Committee, or Commission, please go to the "Government" section of the website, and see if a vacancy is available. If one is not available, please feel free to give Robert Hillard, City Manager a call at (269) 673-5511, and he can discuss additional ways you can make a positive difference in Allegan."
We hope everyone is having a great winter, and enjoying the snow! In order to provide outstanding service to the community, we want to provide you some tips to assist the City. It is critical not to park on the residential streets overnight so the Department of Public Works can plow the streets from curb to curb. One car parked improperly can disrupt the plowing routine, which affects everyone in the neighborhood. For those that have special arrangements on overnight parking, we appreciate you moving your car regularly in order to assure the street gets plowed. Also, did you know the City of Allegan plows sidewalks in order to promote walking during the winter? We do our very best to provide this unique service in a timely manner, but any help you can provide to remove snow from the sidewalks is appreciated. In order to assure prompt fire protection, we encourage all residents to locate the closet fire hydrant and remove snow to assist the fire district. Volunteers in the past installed marking posts on each hydrant to assist in locating hydrants during the winter. But if residents assist in removing snow from the hydrants in their neighborhoods, that would further help. Finally, if you have Christmas trees that you need to remove from your property, please feel free to drop them off at the Department of Works Garage at 691 Airway Drive. Again, thanks for your cooperation, and stay safe!
Positively Allegan
We are Positively Allegan!! Attached to this website is the calendar of events being held throughout the Allegan Area. This is a free service, and is offered to assist businesses and organizations on getting the word out about all the cool events in Allegan. Please click on the Positively Allegan icon on this page or go to www.positivelyallegan.org for further information and instructions on how to list your event."
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